Reusable containers for the food industrie, restaurants & take away

Reusable containers, the zero-waste revolution!

Getting rid of disposables requires more than just bringing your own shopping bag. Ozarka is committed to solving the problem of disposable food packaging at every level: reusable food packaging, zero-waste delivery, logistics, and commercial food service. If you’re serious about making throwaway a thing of the past, we’re the partner you need.
Zero-waste is hard. We’re making it happen.

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Two Integrated Solutions for Going Waste Free

Ozarka is tackling the zero-waste problem with two integrated solutions: Zeddi and Reusables as a Service.


People across the Netherlands want to say “goodbye” to to single use food packaging waste. is making it possible.



Switching to reusables takes a lot more than just the containers. Sign up with Ozarka, and we’ll take care of everything.

“The combination of a desire to make an impact, offer a great customer experience, and the longing to start my business incubated Ozarka.”

Beth Massa – Founder

The Concept

You do the food. We’ll do the dishes.

Ozarka is a complete system that replaces single-use food containers with high-quality reusable dishes, custom-designed for takeout. Using an innovative system, we make reusable food packaging easy and cost-effective.

Ozarka is an established leader in the reusable food container industry—but we offer a lot more than dishes. Our “Reusables as a Service” offering means you get a complete solution, that slots right into your existing business.

Together, we can make single-use food containers a thing of the past, eliminate one of the biggest source of plastic waste, and offer customers a great experience in the process.


How it’s made

Ozarka’s range of food containers are made from food-grade silicone, borosilicate, and durable polypropylene. So they’re BPA-free and phthalate free, stain and odor resistant.

You can trust that containers processed in our cleaning facilities are presented ready for use, washed and sanitized in efficient, professional, commercial dishwashers using eco-friendly detergents.

Our Promises

Together we can make the world a better place. Are you in?
Cost effective food packaging


Our reusable container solutions end up costing about the same as single-use packaging.
Durable food packaging


Our glass and silicone packaging is tougher and more leak-proof than any single-use container made of paper or plastic.
Seamless food packaging for takaway and restaurants


An Ozarka reusable container system fits right into your current operations, with no retraining or time lag.
Customizable food & takeway packaging


We can add your logo to any of our reusable containers, using high-quality removable labels.


More and more customers are looking for sustainable options. Ozarka’s system offers an easy way to do that, and a more elegant take-away experience too.
business friendly take-away packaging


Customers returning empties to your location makes it easy to offer promotions and encourage repeat business.
Sustainanle packaging for takeaway and restaurants


“Reduce and reuse” is more sustainable than single-use packaging—even if it’s recyclable! And all of our packaging is returned to us end-of-life, so we can make sure it’s recycled properly.

Our Story

“How can we help?” It all started with a single question.

Beth Massa spent the first part of her career at, during the hectic early days, and the second part of her career at Microsoft in the Netherlands. That’s where she learned about the plastic pollution crisis from her scientific research clients, and got obsessed with finding practical ways to tackle this global issue.

She came up with the idea for Ozarka during a solo weekend in Paris, where she sometimes visits to clearing her head and think about the future. It brought together three things she’d long wanted to do: start her own business, create an experience that customers really love, and make a genuine positive impact on the world.

Beth is the “Why” of Ozarka.

Michael Massa has a background in electrical engineering, a degree in patent law, and a certification in data science. He always gets nervous when Beth goes on her weekend breaks to Paris. So when she came back from one and said, “I’m leaving the corporate world to start a new sustainable business…and I want you to join me,” he knew it was serious.

Michael is the “How” of Ozarka.

Beth identifies challenges, and Michael solves them. They also employ a world-class team (seriously, world class) of contractors to keep pushing Ozarka forward.