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5 of Our Favorite Outdoor Seating Solutions From Restaurants Around the World

Restaurants have been pushed to adapt in numerous ways during the pandemic, and providing safe, comfortable outdoor seating has been a huge part of that.

Some eateries have been finding wonderfully eye-catching and creative solutions to this challenge!

Here are 5 of our favorites from around the world. 

1. Greenhouses at Mediamatic in Amsterdam

Culinary Greenhouses at the Mediamatic ETEN restaurant in Amsterdam. Source

At the Mediamatic ETEN restaurant in Amsterdam a number of intimate greenhouses were set up next to the canal to offer a socially-distanced, weather-proof outdoor dining experience.

With two people to a greenhouse, this quirky little setup offers an interesting way for couples to comfortably dine outside, even if it’s raining!

2. Ski Lifts at Mclaren’s on the Corner in Edinburgh 

Food served in converted ski lifts at Mclaren’s on the Corner in Edinburgh. Source

A restaurant in Edinburgh called Mclaren’s on the Corner has scaled incredible heights (or slopes?) to create pandemic-appropriate outdoor seating areas for its guests.

Incredibly, the restaurant has converted six cable cars from a ski resort in the Alps into little dining pods, where up to four people can enjoy a meal together while remaining ‘socially-distanced’ from other parties. 

3. One Table in a Field at Bord för En in Sweden 

A nature-filled table for one at Bord för En in Ransäter, Sweden. Source

Bord för En in Ransäter, Sweden, is a restaurant with only a single table, that serves only one party of guests per day. The table is set in the middle of an open field, and the food is sent to the table using a rope and basket, creating a completely contact-free outdoor eating solution! 

4. Heated Camping Tents at The Wolf’s Tailor in Denver, USA 

Dinner served in a nice, warm, comfy tent at The Wolf’s Tailor in the US. Source

Lots of restaurants have been setting up bubbles and igloos to serve their customers outside, but these rustic-looking heated camping tents at The Wolf’s Tailor in the US really give off those extra warm and comfy vibes if you ask us! 

5. The Ferris Wheel at Costes in Budapest 

Fine-dining high above the city at Costes restaurant in Budapest. Source

Back in October, for one night only, Michellin-starred restaurant Costes in Budapest served up four-course meals to diners in the cabins of a Ferris wheel!

If we had to choose, this ‘Ferris wheel of food’ is probably our favorite out of all these options, so we think they should bring it back for another night!