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How Covid Will Change Habits, Perception, and Experience of Dining at Home

Coming Together

We’ve all been spending much more time at home lately because of Covid, and for most of us, this has had a significant impact on our relationship with food. And I’m not just talking about sneaking in a cheeky snack during a zoom meeting or eating lunch on the couch in your pajamas!

Many of us have been moonlighting as semi-professional chefs during the pandemic as we re-discover –– or discover –– the joys of cooking from home. Takeout orders have also risen significantly, while understandably, far fewer people have been dining out at restaurants. 

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

One really lovely thing that has been happening during Covid is that families and housemates have been eating together more often, and many families seem intent on continuing this after the pandemic is over.

Takeout: The New Eating Out?

As a lot of people have also expressed reluctance about returning to busy restaurant dining rooms even post-covid, it could be the case that takeout becomes much more than an occasional treat or hangover cure once things get back to normal. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

More restaurants than ever before are now offering options for takeout and curbside pickup because of Covid. All sorts of fancy bistros, fine dining joints, and even some Michelin-star restaurants have started making their dishes available for customers at home. 

So when the pandemic finally subsides, and folks continue to cherish their time together around the family dinner table, they may start viewing takeout as the best way to celebrate together on those days when they don’t feel like cooking. 

A Celebration of Home

In a post-covid world, when people might still be a little more cautious about heading out for dinner, they may instead start dressing up, ordering some nice food from the many quality options available, and having more intimate celebrations with family and friends in the comfort and safety of their own four walls. 

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

Of course, takeout will always be associated with comfort and convenience, and so it should be. But in a post-covid world, it may also increasingly become associated with celebration. The celebration of home.