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Smaller Dining Rooms, Bigger Drive-Thrus: What Might the Average Post-Covid Restaurant Look Like?

A Brave New World

A lot of things will probably be a little different in a post-Covid world.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Elbow bumps may well permanently replace handshakes, the word bubble will never be the same again, and healthcare workers might finally be fully appreciated as the valiant heroes they are.

Another thing that won’t be quite the same is restaurants!

New World, New Restaurants 

After the pandemic, from fast food joints to the finest fine dining establishments in town, restaurants are expected to look a little different! 

Sanitation First!:

It’s anticipated that folks will continue paying more attention to sanitation and hygiene post-Covid, so restaurants will have to make this a priority. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Expect to see more signs in restaurants about cleanliness policies, hand washing stations everywhere, and staff wiping things down more frequently than ever before. Some form of barriers between tables will probably also remain, and in many restaurants staff members wearing masks may become the norm.

Wherever possible, things will also be done with no hands involved, so voice-activated ordering and payment systems will become much more commonplace.

Adapted Menus: 

Amid the pandemic, many restaurants have been simplifying their menus and switching focus towards their most frequently ordered items. This has helped them to cut back on seldom-used ingredients, reduce food waste, and improve efficiency and profitability!

These ‘streamlined menus’ are expected to maintain their popularity post-pandemic, with shareable options likely taking a back seat, and takeout options increasing to satisfy the growing appetite for home delivery!

Changing Spaces: 

Restaurant layouts will have to adapt post-Covid to make sure people feel safe while eating out.

Fixed seating plans may be replaced with more adaptable designs to cater for different seating requirements, while outdoor spaces equipped with innovative ways of keeping people warm and cozy will also become more prominent.

Photo by Quark Studio from Pexels

As demand for off-premises food continues to grow, it’s also expected that many restaurants will reduce the size of their dining rooms to create more space for delivery and pickup areas.

In some cases, restaurants may decide to ditch the dine-in experience altogether, and switch to a delivery-only business model.