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Takeout Without the Trash: How Exactly Does the Ozarka Process Work?

Taking out the Trash

An estimated 2025 million ‘disposable’ takeout containers are used every year in the EU alone, and many of these containers are never recycled. This is not good news for the rivers, oceans, wildlife, or the planet itself! 

Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. from Pixabay

Thankfully, Ozarka has created a total solution to replace disposable takeout containers with high-quality reusable ones.

Here’s how it works!

The Ozarka Process  

By offering a ‘reusables-as-a-service’ solution that fits seamlessly within a restaurant’s existing business operations, Ozarka allows restaurants to reduce their impact on the planet without having to change how they do things. The process is simple:

  • First, we send out a fresh set of reusable takeout containers to our new partner restaurant. 
  • When food orders start pouring in from eco-conscious customers, it’s time for all that tasty food to be delivered, but instead of sending it in planet-scarring disposable containers, the restaurant sends it in reusable Ozarka ones! 
  • The customer then enjoys their tasty meal. (And the planet enjoys it too!)
  • Containers can then be returned to the restaurant by the customer, or the restaurant can simply pick up the used container when the customer orders again. 
  • Of course, used containers need to be properly cleaned! Once the restaurant has retrieved the used containers, Ozarka will come and collect them for cleaning and replace them with fresh ones.  
  • Ozarka then washes and sanitizes the containers in industrial dishwashers with eco-friendly detergent. 
  • The freshly-cleaned containers are then sent out again to one of our partner restaurants, completing the seamless cycle of sustainable food delivery and takeout!  

Disposing of Disposables, for Good! 

As Ozarka containers have been carefully designed for over 1000 reuses, they have a much lower total environmental impact compared to all kinds of disposables.

Ozarka reusables are also 100% recyclable, and are built with a sturdy design to better protect against leaks and food waste.

With all the environmental benefits that come from replacing over 1000 disposable takeout containers with a single reusable one, our hope is that Ozarka containers can help make disposables a thing of the past, for good!