Reusable containers for the food industrie, restaurants & take away

If you’re in the food service business these days, then you’re probably doing a lot of takeout and delivery. And you also know all about the waste it produces, and the huge fees charged by delivery services.

But what if you could get rid of both? 

Join up

DeliverZero is a simple, low-cost, zero-waste alternative to traditional delivery that gets rid of the throwaway containers and the high delivery fees. 

When you join up with DeliverZero, you receive a supply of clean, reusable, custom-designed food containers, delivered right to your door. DeliverZero containers are:

  • Sturdy
  • Leak resistant
  • Shaped and sized to fit your existing menu portions
  • Designed to make your food look great

How does it work

Customers order from you directly through the DeliverZero website or app, for delivery or for pickup. You pack up the food just like you would with ordinary containers: DeliverZero containers stack, handle, and close like disposables do.

When your customers are finished, they can drop off their containers at any participating restaurant, or exchange them when they get their next delivery. Returned containers go right into your regular dishwasher load, ready for another use. And you can get additional containers delivered anytime, with just a click.

Win win

DeliverZero is a great way to show your customers that you share their concern for the environment. And it’s a great way to save money: DeliverZero charges just 12.5% commission, and there’s no upfront deposit. That’s more money in your pocket, and less garbage in the bin.

Interested in joining? Talk to us today.