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Why Delivery-Only Restaurants are Gaining Popularity and How Ozarka can Help Make Them Planet-Friendly

A Changing Landscape

Demand for food delivery and takeout was on the rise before Covid was even a thing, and that trend is expected to continue in a post-covid world.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So it’s no surprise that many restaurants are ditching the physical dining room altogether and moving to a delivery-only business model. But what advantages does this offer? 

Takeout Only!  

Delivery-only restaurants have been popping up all over the place recently, and while the terminology doesn’t seem to be universally defined yet regarding the various delivery-only business models available, there are universal benefits involved with all of them:

  • Rising demand for delivery: As demand for takeout continues to outgrow demand for dining-in, it makes sense for restaurants to focus more on delivery, as increasingly, that’s where the customers are at!
  • Lower operating costs: Running a delivery-only restaurant removes all the costs involved with renting a dining room and paying front of house staff, so the potential for increased profits is clear to see. 
  • Less risk involved: Opening a delivery-only restaurant requires less initial investment than opening a dine-in restaurant, so it’s a more attractive proposition for many chefs and entrepreneurs. 
  • Greater flexibility: With no need for front-of-house branding or physical storefronts, delivery-only restaurants make it possible to create multiple ‘virtual brands’ from a single kitchen. This allows one restaurant to target multiple markets at once. 

Photo by Johnathan Macedo on Unsplash

  • Focusing on the food!: Free from the added stresses of setting tables and dealing with grouchy customers, delivery-only restaurants can allow staff to focus more on food quality, which should mean happier staff, and happier customers!

Delivery-Only, Sustainable-Only 

It’s clear to see why delivery-only restaurants have become so popular, given all the potential benefits involved, but there are also many potential pitfalls involved too.

Whether a restaurant chooses to go delivery-only or not though, it seems that demand for food delivery will continue to rise and rise. 

As Ozarka’s reusable takeout containers are carefully designed to have a much lower impact on the environment than disposable containers, our solution is ready-made to ensure that the delivery-only restaurant, becomes a sustainable-only restaurant too.